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Are Supplements and Vitamins Healthy for you?

In spite of use of plentiful levels of food all year round, many Americans shell out hundreds or 1000s of dollars a year on vitamins and supplements. The vitamin market is a multi-billion dollar industry along with a study revealed  that almost 75 % of Canadians consistently take natural health items like vitamins, herbs and supplements. However scientific studies are conflicting on whether vitamins as well as supplements give a benefit, pose a danger or work at all.

For me it usually is easier to get your nutrients and vitamins from whole (not fortified) foods whenever you can.  If you’ve got a limited diet for health or personal reasons, for example food allergies or carrying out a vegan lifestyle, you might want to consider supplementing to pay. There are mixed opinions on prenatal vitamins for women that are pregnant, however numerous studies have shown the advantage of adequate levels of folic acid per-pregnancy  and within the first trimester to avoid neural tube defect. Supplementation is usually required to satisfy the 400 mcg/day recommended in this instance. Extra iron may also be needed in pregnancy because of increased blood volume; your medical provider can order a blood test to assist determine if it’s essential for you.  The elderly generally have lower consumption of calories and in general can usually benefit from a multivitamin. But also for most people daily the use of extra minerals and vitamins is unnecessary.

The end result is that needs vary dramatically for every person depending on diet, age, gender and lifestyle. What’s certain is the fact that chasing a poor diet having a handful of supplements won’t offer you exactly the same nutritional benefit as eating the meals that naturally retain the nutrients your system needs.  In addition, an excessive amount of supplementation of certain vitamins, like a and E, might have adverse negative effects. It’s better to use your physician, ND, nutritionist or dietician to find out if supplements is worth considering.